Phillips Antiques offers an interesting selection of silver, lacquer, Oriental and European porcelain and pottery, brass toys, Victorian coloured glass, hanging lamps, wooden writing-boxes, money-banks, jewellery, table-lamps, perfume bottles, candlesticks and sconces, decanters, Gaudy-Dutch pottery, wine-glasses, South-East Asian trade pottery, tea-pots, Indian Sindh pottery, coins, brass surveying instruments and lots more.

Also available is a fine collection of original engravings, aquatints and lithographs of Indian interest including architecture, landscapes, costumes, potraits, carricatures, military, sporting, botanical, natural history, sea-charts, maps, town-plans, company-school water-colours, drawings, mica-paintings, glass-paintings, photographs, and English water colour views of Indian subjects.

The range of furniture, both colonial and ethnic, includes armchairs, four-poster beds, library chairs, desks, writing tables, hat-stands, cupboards, dining-tables, chair-back settees, benches, sofas, chaiselongues, planters chairs, side-tables, chests-of-drawers, cabinets, breakfast tables etc. Ethnic style items include wooden doors, windows, glass painted doors, arches, pillars, cupboards, chests, brackets, low-tables etc.